TAC Systems Quartz Max

Presently TAC do an a significant enormous scope of sealant sort items the majority of which appear to incorporate the word quartz in the item name.



So just to be clear this survey is for TAC frameworks Quartz Max not to be mistaken for other quartz items.

The specimen gave touched base in a fairly awesome 100ml red shower bottle. Quality trigger head not the modest pump sort ones regularly utilized with this size of container. Brief however clear directions, fundamentally splash and wipe.

What is quartz max, it’s a shower and wipe sealant with Si02. Here’s the manner by which TAC depict it:

Hydrophobic, polished paint security! Quartz.MAX Give your vehicle the strong glass-like assurance. Quartz.MAX is a quick, savvy approach to keep your vehicle all around secured and looking great!

It’s a water-based, splash on glass. Also, Quartz.MAX repulses earth and water. Utilize only it for up to two months of paint assurance or as a supporter over Quartz.POWER .

Quartz.MAX is not your run of the mill splash wax! QuartzMAX is made of a water base in addition to extraordinary adjusted Silica – a similar compound found in glass. The silica gives QuartzMAX its fabulous light reflecting properties and a smooth sparkle.

The Method:

This hasn’t had much consideration since I got it a couple of months and has earned its stripes for each one of the 83,000 miles it’s finished. It genuine German paint style it has faired genuinely well however. It’s not been washed for about a month however so truly grimy.

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So the auto got a speedy wash, in light of a legitimate concern for trustworthiness I took it to the stream wash at the carport as didn’t have room schedule-wise to do an entire 2bm wash as light was blurring. This really functioned admirably as the fly wash basically stripped any lsp off the paint, it was clear there was no assurance left on paint.

The strategy couldn’t have been less demanding truly 3/4 spritzes on every board and spread/buff with the Korean MF compassionately sent by Imran. Truly wipe flick the fabric to clear up any smears and so forth. Took possibly 15 minutes to the entire auto board at once.

The outcomes were great clean glossy and smooth paint.

img_0204_zpsf8qnnjfh img_0205_zps84genmae


An awesome speedy sealant that contains si02 so ought to be strong. Likely under £2 to coat an auto to see it through winter. One for everybody’s pack I think.

It’s been raining here in Manchester tonight so I just weaved out to get a few beading shots. Expressions of remorse about the light

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